Student Safety

The Cook County School District believes that all students have a right to a safe and healthy school environment.   In this day of social media, recent news headlines have increased the need for the administration to take a deeper look into various aspects that can interfere with this environment. 

In an effort to ensure the safety of all students, measures have been taken to upgrade the security at all schools.  School Resource Officers are housed at all schools.  Staff have been trained on emergency procedures.

All schools within the district have an obligation to promote mutual respect, tolerance, and acceptance among students, staff, and volunteers.  Behavior that infringes on the safety of any student will not be tolerated.  A student shall not bully, harass, or intimidate another student through words or actions. Such behavior includes but is not limited to: direct physical contact; verbal assaults; the use of electronic methods to harass, threaten or humiliate, and social isolation and/or manipulation.  

Students, parents/guardians and other stakeholders may report incidents of drugs, weapons, bullying, threats, or other safety issues to a building administrator, teacher, or counselor.