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Cook High School Named 2023 GaDOE AP Honor School

“The number of AP Honor Schools increased by more than 14%, which serves as a testament to our commitment to expand opportunities for Georgia students, including in advanced and accelerated coursework," Superintendent Woods said. “I sincerely congratulate each of this year's AP Honor Schools on their achievement. Additionally, I thank each teacher, student, and school- and district-level administrator for their diligent work creating strong AP opportunities in these 273 Georgia schools."

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2022-2023 Covid Guidelines

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Back to School 2022-2023

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To empower and inspire all learners to achieve


All students will succeed through enrollment in higher education, enlistment in the military, or employment in the workforce.



Cultivate a safe and positive environment.                             

Optimize creativity and learning.                                       

Offer support through family and community partnerships.

Kindle challenging opportunities.                                                           

BOE Newsletter
Cook County Schools Competitive Grant Information
Updated May 1, 2023
Grant NameFunding SourceYearAmount
Second Step GrantGa DFCS2017-2018$62,661.60
Project Lead the Way GrantGOSA2017-2019$6,900.00
Early Language & Literacy Mini-GrantGOSAFiscal Year 2018$20,000.00
FY19 stART GrantGaDOE2018-2019$40,000.00
Air Force Association Educator Grant - RoboticsAir Force Association2019-2020$500.00
Colquitt EMC Bright Ideas GrantColquitt EMC2019-2020$1,000.00
CS4GA Computer Science GrantGaDOE2019-2020$25,000.00
CTAE Opportunities Equipment GrantGaDOE/CTAE2019-2020$30,000.00
FY20 stART GrantGaDOE2019-2020$20,000.00
Kid Spark Education GrantKid Spark Education2019-2020$300.00
Middle School Computer Science Coding GrantGaDOE/CTAE2019-2020$25,000.00
Reflex Math GrantExploreLearning2019-2020$2,765.00
Enhancing our Growing Readers GrantGFPE & IFF2019-2021$10,000.00
FY21 stART GrantGaDOE2020-2021$20,000.00
Georgia K-12 Student Connectivity GrantGaDOE2020-2021$7,000.00
JJ Watt Foundation Grant - CMS VolleyballJJ Watt Foundation2020-2021$20,000.00
RUS Grant - Bridging the Digital DivideRural Utility Service2020-2021$455,000.00
L4GA Literacy GrantGaDOE2020-2025$3,467,288.00
Rural Education Fund - CES CounselingGFPE2021-2022$9,265.00
FY22 stART GrantGaDOE2021-2022$10,000.00
Colquitt EMC Bright Ideas GrantColquitt EMC2021-2022$1,000.00
Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF)FCC's E-rate Program2021-2022$253,780.00
ESSER III CTAE Lab Equipment GrantUSDOE2021-2022$100,000.00
FY23 stART GrantGaDOE2022-2023$10,000.00
Colquitt EMC Bright Ideas GrantColquitt EMC2022-2023$6,000.00
CTAE Construction-Related Equipment GrantGaDOE2022-2023$81,000.00
Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF)FCC's E-rate Program2022-2023$512,664.00
Clean School Bus (Electric Bus) GrantEnvironmental Protection Agency2022-2023$790,000.00
Rural Education & Innovation Safety GrantGaDOE2022-2023$50,000.00
Rural Education & Innovation Technology GrantGaDOE2022-2023$100,000.00
Computer Science Teacher Opportunity GrantGaDOE2022-2023$5,000.00
IDEA Special Education Rural GrantGaDOE2022-2023$26,000.00
ESSER III ARP-LL Special Education Rural GrantGaDOE2022-2023$24,000.00
Parent Mentor Grant (Special Education)GaDOE2022-2023$18,400.00
High Cost Grant (Special Education)GaDOE2022-2023$15,877.00
Current Total:$6,226,400.60


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